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Gritti Service

Our firm, composed by qualified personnel, is able to satisfy all the demand and request of the customers, with flexibility and punctuality

• We offer free consultation for the maintenance of transformers, for control, management and decontamination of transformers that contains insulating liquid contaminated by PCB.

• We can offer immediately technical assistance for every kind of emergency, as we have a ready warehouse for oil transformers from KVA 50 to MVA 6, and for cast-resin transformers from KVA 100 to KVA 3150, with primary tension from V.6000 to V.36000.

• Ordinary maintenance on the place, substitution of gaskets, relay buchholz, thermometers, salts and application of forced ventilation.

• We perform chemical and electrochemical analyses, dielectric rigidity, dissolved gas and content of PCB. • In case of oil contamination, we can do vacuum treatment, filtration and oil degassing even on place.

• The transformers repair department is equipped for the rewinding of any type of oil transformers and every brand of those in resin to a tension of V.36000.

• We rent oil, cast-resin and air transformers with any tension and power.

• We rent complete mobile boxes for yards.

• Our store has a ready delivery for any accessories and part of exchange: gaskets kit, silicagel salts, insulators, test-tube for analyses, PT 100, gearcase and ventilation bars.

• We can dispose transformers polluted with PCB with authorized transport, releasing a declaration of happened disposal, or reclaim them with DL n° 209/99 CEI 10-38.

We trade in used oil and cast-resin transformers (working or not).

ELETTROTECNICA INDUSTRIALE GRITTI di Gritti L. & C. snc - Sede: Via Torricelli, 18/20 - Molinetto di Mazzano (BS) - P. Iva: 02164260172
Filiale: Via Torricelli, 21/23 - Molinetto di Mazzano (BS) Tel. + 39 030 26 29 480 / 030 21 20 850 - Fax +39 030 21 20 536 - E-mail: info@grittielettrotecnica.it
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